Forum Programme

  1. 5 mins
    Speaker: Sari Abdul Razak, Director, Advisory Services Division, Ventures Middle East
  1. 15 mins
    Singapore is recognised as having successfully developed and implemented its solid wasteanagement strategy, thus reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill and recycling waste wherever possible. Th ...
  1. 30 mins
    Municipalities throughout the region have plans to substantially reduce the amount of solid waste that is sent to landfill. Many have reduction targets in place and this panel will discuss what milest ...
  1. 15 mins
    Reducing landfill waste is a critical part of ambitions to create a zero-waste strategy. This session will provide insight into some of the outlier innovations being developed to rethink the way waste ...
  1. 20 mins
  1. 10 mins
    Spent Potlining (SPL) is one of the most hazardous wastes that needs to be managed during the manufacture of aluminium. It represents a major sustainability challenge for the industry, with the waste ...
  1. 45 mins
    Panel: A sustainable waste strategy needs support from companies contracted to collect waste for it to be successful. If companies don’t embrace the strategy and change their practices, any strategy w ...
  1. 45 mins
    Panel: This session will discuss the benefits of tracking data on solid waste and how it will help municipalities and waste management companies plan their services. It will look at what needs to be p ...
  1. 60 mins
  1. 15 mins
    Tadweer and Dure Oil have partnered to convert waste oil into useable oil products. Waste engine oil from different vehicle-types is collected and treated, with four main products produced and sold: d ...
  1. 10 mins
    Presentation: GCC states are planning to develop waste-to-energy facilities to help reduce the amount of solid waste that goes to landfill and to diversify their energy mix. This session will provide ...
  1. 15 mins
    For any waste-to-energy plan to receive the green light, a number of key risks need to be considered and accounted for. This presentation will discuss those development and financing risks, including ...
  1. 15 mins
    With a rising landfill levy, landfill capacity constraints and consumers willing to pay the true cost of waste disposal, conditions in Australia are conducive to waste-to-energy development. Tribe Inf ...
  1. 35 mins
    Panel: The case for developing a waste-to-energy strategy in the region is not necessarily financial. Therefore, it has to be for the economic benefit of a country, including that it is a more sustain ...
  1. 30 mins
    Panel: Successful waste-to-energy strategies require a number of strands to come together, including legislation, putting in place meaningful landfill taxes and having financing in place. This panel w ...
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