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Christiane Zeidan

Christiane Zeidan

Corporate Director of Environment, Health and Safety, Rotana Hotel Management Corporation

Christiane A. Zeidan is an Agro- Industrial Engineer, received her 3  M.Sc. degrees in Science & Food Technology, Enterprise management and Quality control from the “Institut National Agronomique Paris-Grignon, Institut Superieur d ‘Agronomie de Beauvais, France and the Lebanese  universities. Subsequently she held several positions in management & quality control until she joined Rotana Hotel Management Cooperation where she oversees the environment, health & safety management system in the company. Her work experience has gradually raised her personal interest in sustainability issues in general and set in 2012 the company’s sustainability strategy and is leading its implementation. As part of her role in Rotana, Christiane has been responsible for managing a team of EHS managers in 52 hotels aiming to ensure that environmental, health & safety management systems and sustainability programs are effectively implemented in all new and operating hotels.  

Christiane is also a member at and chairing the company’s Corporate Sustainability Committee having a main role to oversee the sustainability programs, including approving sustainable goals, developing policies and procedures, providing key decisions on sustainable initiatives / programs, evaluating & reporting on the progress made in the company. She is also developing the company’s annual sustainability reports that features economic, social and environmental performance data. Sustainability is a common language amongst all her disciplines.





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