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Zack Abdi

Zack Abdi

Managing Director, Provectus Middle East

Zack Abdi is managing a group of activities include Environmental Awareness to Alternative Energy Solutions, Environmental Solutions, CSR Training and Competency Development for Sustainable Human Resources.

Zack is a regular speaker for Nationalization Program and HR solution and Sustainability & CSR. 

Zack is an active advocate in Green Solutions and currently promoting the need to address Water Stress and Water Footprint Solutions, Municipal Solid Waste Collection Process and recycling the waste used cooking and food waste and aerosol cans recycling to preserve environmental issues by reducing the Stress on Landfills, and reusing as biodiesel and sterile water and organic fertilizer. 

Zack is a chairman for the CSR Group for Dubai Quality Group and policy advisor for World Green Citizen. And a columnist for a trade magazines e.g. Construct Arabia advocating in Corporate Green Governance and leading to Good Corporate Green Citizenship through Good Practices.

Zack is a long time resident of this region and familiar with regional industrial need and served as a president for Canadian Business Group in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and an active member of Canadian Business Council in Dubai, UAE.





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